Hi! I’m Dan.

I’m a Software Engineer who loves Agile. I’ve been doing my best to learn and understand what it is, how it works, and how it changes how to write code for the best 8 years. It started while attending school, then followed through my internships, and now professional career. I’ve experienced firsthand great agile process, and terrible agile processes too, which I think gives me a healthy understanding of Agile

I currently code at Bandwidth.com: a growing VoIP Telecom Company in Raleigh, NC. I’ve spent most of that time working on Agile teams using Java, Spring, Kafka, and RESTful APIs to build services for our internal teams.

I’m really passionate about exploring how the Agile process changes not just the coding process, but how we write code itself. Its silly to believe that teams follow an Agile methodology process, and yet cling to waterfall when programming a solution. Requirements change and so should code!

I hope you gain some insights into how you can use Agile to build better systems more efficiently!